Pan specialty

INTEGRATE COVID-19 Emergency Care Audit 2020 [complete]

Head and Neck

National audit of the management of head & neck squamous cell carcinoma of unknown primary 2021 [protocol development]

ENT UK Suspected Head & Neck Cancer Remote Triage Service Evaluation 2020 [complete]

Head & Neck Cancer Post Treatment Surveillance Audit 2018 [complete]

Multicentre Audit of Quinsies 2014 [complete]

National Tonsillectomy Audit [protocol development]


CIRCA: Cochlear Implant Referral Criteria Audit [protocol development]

ICAST: PROM for Acute Otitis Externa [protocol development]

STARFISH (sudden hearing loss RCT) [sites opening planned June 2022]

Eustachian Tube Balloon Dilation Registry [planned opening spring 2022]

National Audit of Paediatric Mastoiditis 2020 [complete, published]

DECODE: DEveloping consensus Core Outcomes and Diagnostic criteria for acute otitis Externa [complete, published]

SeaSHeL National Prospective Cohort Study [portflio project, in progress]


National Epistaxis Audit 2016 [complete]

Trial of pack avoidance in Epistaxis [protocol development]