INTEGRATE Olfactory Dysfunction Audit

Olfactory Dysfunction Audit 2024: A prospective snapshot audit of practice


Olfactory dysfunction has a prevalence of approximately 22% and post-infectious causes in particular have gained prominence following the COVID-19 pandemic. Other causes include trauma, neurodegenerative disorders and sinonasal disease. Patients with olfactory dysfunction experience higher rates of depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and relationship difficulties.

There is an urgent need for greater awareness and standardised pathways for routine testing and treatments for smell and taste disorders. A newly-formed strategic partnership between ENT UK and the Fifth Sense charity aims to enhance care for individuals with smell and taste disorders through improving education, awareness and encouraging routine smell testing.


INTEGRATE have proposed a national prospective observational audit of practice to understand the epidemiology, presentation, investigation and management of olfactory dysfunction within secondary and tertiary care ENT departments in the UK.


Data collection will occur over 3 months from 1st May 2024 – 31st July 2024.

1. Register your intended participation with in the Olfactory dysfunction audit here!

2. Register with your local audit department/ Caldicott guardian as soon as possible.

The study protocol should streamline this process and a standardised letter to your audit department is provided here.

3. Identify your patients

Identify a list of new patients presenting with olfactory dysfunction to ENT outpatient clinics in your trust from 1st May 2024 – 31st July 2024. This may require contacting your secretaries/administrative team or searching through electronic clinic records and referral letters.

4. Collect your data:

    a. Follow instructions on the Excel Data Tool which is available here.

    b. Make a backup copy of the file to be kept securely

    c. Anonymise the file by deleting any NHS/ MRN/ hospital numbers and DOB.

5. Submit your data

Email your anonymised Excel Data Tool to any time before 30th August 2024.

6. Finally, you will need to complete the following questionnaire. This will be used to survey your local unit’s practice in managing olfactory dysfunction. It is imperative that you discuss the answers to this questionnaire with your supervising consultant as completion is mandatory to receiving collaborative authorship on all subsequent publications.

Only one person per unit is required to answer the questionnaire, however we recommend you discuss the questions as a team before submitting your answers.


Trainee Site Leads, Consultant Leads and Local Collaborators will be acknowledged for their involvement in this national collaborative audit, in any subsequent outputs, including presentations/publications.