starfish collaborators

To enrol and randomise a patient please visit the Clinical Trials Unit website.

The trial:

  • Trial inclusion and exclusion criteria at-a-glance HERE.
  • Trial Summary document
  • Trial Protocol document

Getting started:

  • Step-by-step guide to setting up a site
  • Training video: Intratympanic injection introduction and risks
  • Training video: Intratympanic injection preparation and local anaesthesia
  • Training video: Intratympanic injection technique
  • Training video: AB speech testing

Trial documents:

  • Patient Information Sheet
  • Consent form
  • Patient information sheet for oral steroid
  • Patient information sheet for steroid injection
  • Patient instructions for online home hearing tests

To request paper documents or patient headphones contact the Trial Office.

Enhancing patient identification and referral:

  • Hearing loss screening app for General Practitioners and Emergency Department staff
  • Training for General Practitioners and Emergency Department staff