About us

INTEGRATE is the UK Trainee Research Collaborative Network. We are an entirely voluntary nonprofit unincorporated association, established in 2015 with the following aim:

  • To support trainee engagement in ENT research and audit in the UK through meaningful participation in multicentre collaborative projects.

We hope to achieve this aim through the following objectives:

  1. Establish a main committee and three subspecialty committees in otology, rhinology and head and neck.
  2. Generate, develop and deliver trainee-led multi-centre research and audit projects.
  3. Participate in multi-centre collaborative projects that share similar goals and offer significant trainee involvement.
  4. Disseminate findings in peer-reviewed journals and at scientific meetings using a transparent and inclusive authorship policy.
  5. Provide education in research skills and methodology.

Please get in touch at info@entintegrate.co.uk.