INTEGRATE committee applications

Since 2015 INTEGRATE, the UK ENT Trainee Research Network, has delivered several large national audits, developed guidelines and an outcome set as, well providing support to other studies. 156 UK hospital sites have submitted data on over 10,000 patients to our projects, with 16 related publications and many best paper and presentation prizes picked up on the way. We have some exciting research projects in development, and scope for those joining to change the direction for these or bring in new research ideas. With a reorganisation of the structure of INTEGRATE 2 years ago, committee positions are now all open for new applications, as we encourage people outside the group to get involved.

We are looking to appoint trainees at all levels, and we welcome applications from any trainee (FY / CT / ST / OOP) interested in joining us. INTEGRATE’s primary aim is the design and delivery of trainee-led audit and research projects, but increasingly there are opportunities to work on outside studies that would benefit from trainee collaboration. INTEGRATE is organised into subspecialty groups, (otology, rhinology and head and neck) and we have, or are working with BAHNO, BSO, BRS and BAPO, so whatever your interest we have a study for you. Information on recent projects, publications and awards can be found on this site.

Medical students are encouraged to get in touch with us separately via to form a group of students called on first to support our work, supported by INTEGRATE mentors.

Positions available to new applicants or internal re-applicants are:

  • Chair*
  • Secretary*
  • _ Otology subcommittee chair*
  • _ Rhinology subcommittee chair*
  • _ Head and neck subcommittee chair*
  • _ _ Otology subcommittee member
  • _ _ Rhinology subcommittee member
  • _ _ Head and neck subcommittee member

All positions are due for renewal every 2 years

* indicates a position on the main committee which meets separately as required


Responsible for the overall strategy for INTEGRATE, and its projects. The Chair ensures resources are distributed between subcommitees and ensures ongoing viability of the group and its assets, including financial. The Chair acts as a representative of INTEGRATE and will provide reports to, and liaise with, outside organisations. The Chair will participate in all 3 subgroups, and ensure core values such as collaborative authorship are upheld. Applicants require experience of collaborative research and audit.


Responsible for the day-to-day running of INTEGRATE including the management of finance and supporting the website. The Secretary will participate in all 3 subgroups, and help to coordinate INTEGRATE-run events. The Secretary role is considered equivalent to vice-Chair. Applicants require experience of collaborative research and audit.

Subcommittee Chair x3: Otology / Rhinology / Head & Neck

Subcommittee Chairs are responsible for the activities of their subgroup, ensuring suitable INTEGRATE projects are developed and then delivered, working with the secretary and overall Chair. Committee review of new approaches from outside organisations with project proposals will also be organised by Subcommittee Chairs. Research and audit experience are required, though this need not be collaborative.

Subcommittee member

Subcommittee members are central to the development, delivery and dissemination of INTEGRATE audit and research. Subcommittee members will meet monthly online and may have the opportunity to take a lead in certain projects, or provide an INTEGRATE representative in outside study teams. One subcommittee member will be nominated Collaborator Engagement Lead, responsible for ensuring maximum trainee involvement in data collection and updating the INTEGRATE collaborator database. No experience of collaborative research or audit is required, though completion of audit or research projects previously is desirable.

Application process

Applications should be made here: Applicants are asked to rank their preferred positions, provide a 300 word personal statement, and a 1-2 page CV. The closing date for applications is Friday 29th January. Applications will be considered by a committee of ex-INTEGRATE members and research-active consultants. Appointments will be announced in mid-February.